TM Life Coaching

Inspire.  Transform.  Ignite.

TM Life Coaching uses a direct approach with kindness and compassion that identifies personal road blocks to reveal the true gem held within.  If you feel stuck and need direction or new vision, let's get to work and reignite the fire for your passion!

Tina was incredibly successful in the corporate world, however, her personal life was work, work, work and challenging relationships!  Through her own journey of breaking down walls with coaches that forever changed her life, she was able to reset her course and wants to share that freedom with everyone!  Her life experiences created the motto:

"I don't teach because I have learned it, I inspire because I have lived it" ~Tina Marie

"Everyone is a diamond in the rough - some need to be mined, some need to be cut and transformed and some just need to be polished to shine their greatness!"      ~ Tina Marie

Polish My Diamond!

Coaching client "JayJ" was introduced by a friend as a hard worker and diligent spouse.  As they revealed the pain of the past, they realized they had become a human "doer" instead of a human "being" but did not have any idea how to get 'there.'   After spending time coaching on personal attributes, skills, and worth, this individual began to realize they had more value than ever realized!  They went on to get a new career in an area they had never thought possible just because they finally knew they were worth it! 

Learn to rest through the process and find inner peace and joy.

Let's do this!!



Tina has been a part of my growth for close to 10 years When we met, I was in a dark part of my life. She steadily talked me down, pointed me in the right direction and all the time showing me I was better than I gave myself credit for. I would never say I needed a "life coach" but looking back that's exactly what I needed. Tina Marie will help you change your perspective in life and help you realize your own potential.



Working with Tina over the last several months has helped me not only develop new skills for my business, but dig deeper and bring healing to areas where I was operating out of wounds. As we recognized the wounds and worked to bring healing, the skills were much easier to develop, impacting not just my business but many areas of my personal life. The unique insight Tina brings helped challenge me in a gentle, loving way, inviting me to grow into who I know God created me to be. Working with Tina was exactly what I needed!